Ascension FAQs

What is the Ishayas’ Ascension?
The Ishayas’ Ascension is an ancient Teaching that offers a path to higher consciousness. It is a series of techniques to retrain the mind away from limiting and repetitive thoughts and beliefs that cause separation and ignorance in one’s life. It can be used as an eyes closed meditation practice as well as throughout your day with your eyes open. As one uses the practice, the upward spiralling emotions of praise, gratitude, and love connects one with the Source and life is lived more and more in the present moment.
You are invited to attend a FREE introductory talk where you can chat with teachers and ask questions. Contact me for details.

What are the benefits of the Ishayas’ Ascension?
The Ishayas’ Ascension gives deep rest for the body and the mind. It helps to release stress and connect with that highest aspect of our Self, which is free from all thought and worry. As the mind expands to greater awareness of the present moment, the body heals and all of our life starts to improve: health, relationships, rest. In its fullest, if used properly and regularly, Ascension can help us remember our birthright and help stabilize higher states of consciousness, to Unity consciousness and beyond.

Is Ascension different from meditation?
Ascension is a process where the nervous system is freed from stress and the mind is expanded into greater awareness of Reality. Both the mind and the body already know how to Ascend as it is the natural state of the human. What is needed is a nervous system capable of thought, a suitable vehicle for the inward movement for the mind, and competent guidance. When those are present, it is effortless and easy to begin the process of Ascension without straining or forcing the mind or the body. Ascension practice can be done at any time with the eyes closed or with the eyes open. These things are usually where Ascension differs from other meditation techniques that rely on using concentration or effort to quiet the mind. Ascension is an extremely simple and fast way to move into higher consciousness.

How do I learn the Art of Ascension?
The basics of the Art of Ascension practice are taught, in person, in a “First Sphere” course. First Spheres are scheduled at various times. Contact me and I will help you to find a First Sphere Course at a location near you or to request a First Sphere Course to be created near you.

What is a First Sphere?
The first four Ascension Attitudes are taught in a 2 ½ day workshop environment, called the First Sphere. In this course you will learn how to use them, how and why they work, with plenty of time to practice them and get feedback from the teachers. This course is taught in person with 2 qualified teachers.

Why is the Art of Ascension taught in person with 2 qualified teachers?
The Ishaya Foundation regularly qualifies teachers that only teach the techniques in person. These teachers have not only gone through significant training to teach the Art of Ascension but are using the practice themselves while continuing to receive higher guidance from teachers who have gone before them.

Can I learn Ishayas’ Ascension online or from a book?
Ishayas’ Ascension is only taught in person and there are always two qualified teachers of Ascension teaching the techniques. The key is that the Teaching is given from one enlivened heart to another, from a teacher to the student, so that it can be given in its purity and power. Any other way starts to dilute and weaken the power of the practice for the individual who is learning. Teaching Ascension techniques online is not in alignment with the lineage of the Ishayas, which is the source of this Ancient Teaching.

Maharishi Sadasiva Isham, who brought the Teaching out in the early 1990’s, said very simply that the techniques cannot be taught through books.

The books he wrote about Ascension are a short invitation to have a direct experience of the practice, given through qualified guidance. Certain things that are rooted in Reality do not change, even with the advance of technology or new media platforms.

How can I manage the Ascension practice when life is already so busy?
Ascension can be done with eyes closed and with eyes open. 20 minutes of closed-eyed Ascension is twice as deep as the deepest sleep at night. So, for the body it is extremely beneficial to have that deep rest. With the eyes-open practice, you can use Ascension Attitudes in any activity. Ascending is so easy and effortless that it can be done in a very active lifestyle, and you can still gain the benefits.

Is it a Religion?
Ascension is not a belief system nor a religion, rather a mechanical series of techniques to take the mind inward to its deepest level, naturally. It works regardless of belief and has no dogma or rules for it to be effective. All one need do is to think the techniques as given for it to work.

Can I do it if I am not a spiritual or religious person?
Ascension requires no belief for it to work. It works regardless of what the individual person’s belief systems are. Ascension is universal and it speaks to all people at the deepest level. You can be a religious person or an atheist. You can be spiritual or perhaps just looking for a way to relax and calm the mind. Ascension gives you what you need in your life.

Is Ascension a form of prayer?
Ascension is also considered a prayer, although it is more than that. As a prayer it is used in Praise, in Gratitude and in Love and Compassion, and has no opposite. Therefore, Ascension Attitudes are absolute statements of Truth and a direct connection to the Greater Good, the Infinite Source, That Which Underlies All of Creation. For more information, see the book Ascension! An Analysis of the Art of Ascension by MSI.

Does Ascension Heal my Body?
Ascension provides a deeper level of rest than that of the deepest rest at night. With that deep rest the healing potential of the body is activated. Healing of the body and the release of stress from the nervous system is a by-product of Ascension. How the healing process takes place is very individual and can’t be predetermined.

Why the Art of Ascension as taught by the Ishayas?
The power of the Ishayas’ Ascension is in its connection to an ancient lineage of masters who have preserved it in its purity for this time right now. It is not an invention from the mind of an individual, but rather it has been handed down from the Teacher to the student over many millennia. The teachers of Ascension honour this lineage to maintain the purity of the Teaching for generations to come.

Who are the Ishayas?
Ishaya is a Sanskrit word made up of Isha, meaning “Christ” or “Christ consciousness” or “full human consciousness”, and ya meaning “for” or “a student of”. The Ishayas are an ancient order of monks founded by the Apostle John in the Himalayas to preserve the true teachings of Christ until their re-introduction to the world in 1990. Christ brought the Teaching forth in His time from the lineage of Enlightened Masters, but seeing that humanity was not ready to receive it, so commissioned John to keep it in its purity. The Ishayas have dedicated their lives to the expansion of consciousness in themselves and in the world.