“Conscious awareness”, “expanded consciousness”, “higher consciousness”, “awareness”, “enlightenment”. What does it all mean?

Sometimes we see so many buzz words around and we don’t actually know what they mean. To me these concepts listed above are all different ways of pointing to the same thing: an experience of simply being in the present moment, feeling connected to what Is, right here, right now.  And, this is surprisingly not our normal state. Instead, the mind is predominantly occupied by habitual thoughts and beliefs, most of them limiting and repetitive; the same things we thought about yesterday and the day before that, and the day before that. Furthermore, they are usually based in old patterns going all the way back to childhood: “I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy of love; I’m no lovable”, etc.  Having these thoughts playing continuously do not make it easy to be very effective in our lives. If I’m constantly shooting myself in the foot, desiring one thing and then telling myself, “Oh, I can’t have that”, then I’m not going to be creating those things that I most truly want. Instead, I will be creating the thing that I think most often; the fears.  “I don’t have this kind of a relationship; I don’t have lots of money”..  These thoughts are not real, but they feel real.

Attaining a state of awareness or a potential where the mind moves beyond thought, then, is a very worthwhile endeavor.  Mindfulness and meditation practices are indispensable in giving us another object to focus on. They are tools to redirect the mind and to create new patterns in the mind.   

The Art of Ascension, as taught by the Ishayas, gives us tools based in praise, gratitude and love. When we use this meditative practice, we re-introduce these upward, positive emotions back into our lives and create new habits that are expanding and beneficial for us.  As we build a connection to this new state and to the present moment, the old limiting thoughts dissolve because we aren’t giving them as much attention. We start to see the world as it truly is – unlimited and based in love.  This is our birthright; how truly human life was meant to be lived.

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