Is meditation complicated?

Meditation is the most simplest process there is – you are returning the mind to its most basic nature, which is the opposite of complicated. However, we are in a habit of operating from a different place – a.k.a. our ego – and that wants to turn things over in the mind, figure it out, compare, analyse, worry if we’re doing it right, etc. and this can override the simplicity and hence effectiveness of a meditation practice. But, the more we stay with it and experience deeper levels of thought, we glimpse the reality and see that meditating and raising consciousness does not have to be difficult and is our most natural state.

It’s an art to release and let go of our habitual mind and to put our trust in something greater. Meditative tools are essential, and finding ones that resonate with you and work for you. Once you have something to take the mind inward, you use the practice and be as gentle and effortless with it as possible, without expectations. Just let whatever happens, happen.

In other words, our continual thought stream generated from our ego-mind is complicated. The Source of All That Is, Presence, etc. is NOT. IT is the easiest thing in the world. I believe the whole practice of meditation and awareness is discovering surrender and trusting this and opening up to this in our lives.

The Art of Ascension, as taught by the Ishayas is a super simple meditative practice that allows the mind to release stress using effortless techniques that lead the mind inward. The key is simplicity and to just innocently use this practice. You can do it laying down at night, or in the morning, as you wake up. Our mind is in a habit of thinking all of the time. It is so nourishing to have a practice that introduces praise, gratitude and love into the mind and retrains the mind to these upward currents. I have used this practice for years and it is such an easy way to see more of life. And, I am still always discovering new levels of surrender and getting out of the way.

Upcoming workshops on the Art of Ascension:

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