My Meditation Journey: The Art of Choice

My meditation journey started about nine years ago. I immediately felt the ease and naturalness of it. I remember that it incorporated so well into my life and I couldn’t ‘not’ do it. I’d meditate in the morning before I woke up, in the evening after I got home from my day, and at night, before I went to bed. It was easy because you can just do it in bed as you are falling asleep, or in the morning as you are waking up. For the practice I do, it doesn’t require you to be in a sitting up position, so it was easy and comfortable (see the Art of Ascension, as taught by the Ishayas). 😊

As the years have passed, I still love it and do it regularly. Now, the practice has refined and requires a little more discipline in terms of how I meditate and the choices I make throughout the day. This practice has an open-eyed component which allows me to bring the benefits of meditation into my whole life. This becomes very important for further expansion because it allows us to develop conscious choice throughout our day, rather than habitual reaction. However, it requires that we choose for our tools and use the practice even at the most challenging times, and to be honest, it is sometimes easy to forget! Life happens, and the ego is strong. We have such stubborn patterns of behavior and thought. A truly effective practice requires us to have the humility to question our limiting thoughts and patterns right when they come up.

No matter what comes our way in life, we have a choice to respond differently. Effective meditation practices and tools to use throughout the day gives us the opportunity to rise beyond our normal way of functioning and to place out attention on something greater.  As a result, we can see things from a different perspective and break patterns of lack, fear, distrust, etc. 

For me, meditation is an ever-evolving practice. I am so grateful to have the tools in my life, and to know that I have a choice in each moment.  After years of practice, the one thing I know for sure is no problem is too great. I can always choose for the truth and fall back on my practice to take the mind inward and let go of the way I think things are.  Faith in a good and just universe builds as we trust ourselves and act on this trust by using our tools to find the truth.  This then becomes a continual choice and a lived experience.

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