Live Life With Appreciation

Praise is the first ascension attitude we use in the practice of the Art of Ascension, as taught by the Ishayas. This is because appreciation it is so very easy and accessible.  We just think about something we appreciate, and our perception of life changes, even for a moment.  It can feel like there is not enough, things should be different than what they are, we are not good enough as we are, there is something WRONG with our life!!!  Appreciation is so refreshing because it is the complete antidote to this. It is the opposite to lack and judgement. It represents accepting and being at peace with what is, how it is, in this very moment.  It allows us to let go of our own limiting beliefs and continual judgements.  

There is so much power in our minds. We hold all of the power, really, in terms of how we experience our life. It is not determined on the outside. It is up to us. We can turn something around if we choose to. If there is suffering – praise, if there is sadness – praise, if there is anger – praise. It doesn’t mean we ignore or try to avoid these feelings, however there is always a choice in what we want to put our attention on. And many times, simply by introducing the ascension attitude and having something else to think about, changes our experience. We may find that we no longer identify with the feelings so strongly. We still may feel them, but the story is gone and we are just there experiencing. We can praise the fact that the person that we think is causing us pain is bringing us an opportunity to practice praise! But, it’s more simple than that. We just introduce the ascension attitude at all times whenever we remember, eyes open and closed, and this heals and releases stress for us.

There is so much in this world to praise if we just start to look.  The universe is forever responsive and the more we love and appreciate the more the universe reflects this back to us.  If we are in fear or doubt, the moment we start to think about something good that we appreciate, we see immediate results. Just that easy. Even if we don’t feel praise for something or if we are convinced something is so, we can use the Praise Ascension attitude (and all of the attitudes) and this releases our firmly held beliefs and expands our awareness for us. With regular practice and letting go of these belief systems, our experience of our world changes to a continual sense of appreciation of what is.

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