Going Inward

The inner direction of the mind is opposite to what most people are used to. Usually, we direct the mind outward to our senses and to the world around us. Since the inner direction is new to most, it brings a new awareness and opens up a new perspective. It is our inner sanctuary; peace, calm, stillness, intuition, who we are beyond all of our thoughts, beyond the mind.

Here we can connect to the All That Is – The Source – the Isness – that pervades all things and from which we came and to which we belong. We are a part of it and it a part of us; We are One. This fullness is in us and all around us, including out in the world of the senses. It doesn’t ‘go’ anywhere. However, it takes a willingness, a listening, a heart-opening, a quieting, to discover this. We must close the eyes and bring our mind and awareness inward, without any distractions – just you, your mind, your thoughts and the Source of it all, lying perfectly quiet, underneath, beyond. It is always there waiting only for our recognition, our re-union.

Once re-discovered, we build a relationship with that – that which we always were and forever will be. We study it, become friends with it, spend time with it. THIS inner world –  sometimes peace and tranquility, sometimes a whirlwind of thoughts and feelings, beliefs, impressions – we witness it all, closed-eyed, with the willingness to see.

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