Spiral of Life

Life is always spiraling, moving, expanding, growing and changing in perfect divine order. There is a choice in each and every moment to go down or up in this movement. Following limiting thoughts take the mind downward and making a choice to let go and align with praise, gratitude, love and compassion takes the movement upward. The Ascension Attitudes guide, show, and take us on this upward spiral without any effort. As we simply apply the continual choice to use the attitudes, we grow and expand and build a relationship with the Light, the Good, Healing, Growth and Consciousness.

Some may tinker with the idea that perhaps this Good does not exist. I say to this, What do you want? We get to choose, not the other way around.  Do we want to live in a world with no agency, no purpose, capability or ability? Or, do we want to live in a world where there is a Divine Fire of light, love, the Good, connectedness, harmony, unity and joy?

The mind can make anything seem real, but they are just thoughts. The Ascension techniques are “attitudes” – a way to approach life.  The practice offers a way out from the ego, from illusion, and from what is NOT real. Attachment to thoughts makes them “mine”, but using the Ascension Attitudes places these in proper perspective and they disappear, as if never there in the first place.

Connecting with the loving upward forces of creation through Ascension allows us to live our lives from a different place, one that is free from fear, separation, less than, better than and not good enough. With regular practice one develops a state of awareness where we can operate freely and without bonds, attachment and self-consciousness.  Making wise choices and listening to the quiet innate wisdom within will help it to grow bigger and stronger. The Life then spirals and blossoms and expands into the highest and greatest true awakening.

If you would like to learn more about the Art of Ascension as taught by the Ishayas, feel free to attend a free, live Introductory talk: https://www.theishayafoundation.org/free-introduction-online.html

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